We Buy Laminated Notes

We buy Laminated Singapore Notes. Sell them to us.

All Laminated Singapore notes are deemed as “damaged” currency notes. These Singapore Notes that are Laminated commands no value or basically worthless as they are no longer accepted over the counter, in the supermarkets, stores, shops and retailers. But you may still recover some residue value by selling them to us.

Whether you have many Laminated Notes or a large collection of Singapore Laminated Notes that are taking up the extra space and you don’t need, nor want them anymore. You may sell them to us and we are ready to buy back your Laminated Notes. We also buy other numismatic Singapore coins and notes.

We pay “Cash for Your Coins” & ”Cash for Your Notes”.

Important Notice:
Due to the current circumstances, requirements and regulations, we are not accepting any Walk-In without an appointment.

When you are ready to sell your Coins & Notes, First Day Covers & Stamps, please make a Selling appointment by Whatsapp at 9857 3781 ( No Voice Calls )
We will respond to all WhatsApp appointment requests within 24 hours. Thank you. Blessings.